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Timber Framing Curriculum
To get the most benefit from the following workshop, those attending should have previous timber framing or construction experience.
Cruck Framing

April 30 – May 4  

This course is currently full but there could be cancellations as the date approaches.
If you'd like to get on the waiting list please contact our office.

Cruck frames use large curved timbers to transfer the weight of the roof directly down to the foot of the posts. Besides being structurally efficient and allowing the wall frames to be lighter, they are also quite beautiful with the arches soaring overhead.

Each pair of cruck blades is usually halved from the same tree, and since the exact curve is undeterminable until they are made, there are usually many decisions about the rest of the timber frame design that have to be made during layout.

In this workshop we will build a small two-bent cruck frame like the one pictured below, first determining how to choose the proper trees in woods and how to halve them to produce the blades. Then, layout will begin, with the curve of the cruck blades determining the "packing pieces" necessary to support the purlins and ridge. Both scribing and square rule layout systems are used.

Cruck frames are very exciting to build because of the way they change throughout the layout process. The decision making and possible solutions will be an important lesson from the workshop.

This workshop will include demonstrations on chainsaw safety and milling, hand hewing and finishing.

Timber framer, architect and author Jack Sobon, who has built more crucks than perhaps anyone in the world, will lead the workshop along with Neil Godden. Meet them in this video from our 2011 course:

Tuition: $800 per person, $1500 per couple; includes lunch.

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