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Timber Framing Curriculum
To get the most benefit from the following workshop, those attending should have taken our Intro to SketchUp course or have equivalent experience. Also, attendees must have purchased the Pro version of SketchUp (includes LayOut) and have it installed on the laptop they bring.

Advanced SketchUp and Layout

September 28 – 29
Thursday – Friday

LayOut is a powerful addition to SketchUp Pro and makes the basic program into a dynamioc prsentation tool. It can act as a simple graphic design program or as a complex window into your SketchUp models. Treating the LayOut page as a sheet of trace paper, we can peer into multiple models, zoom in on joinery details, and add dimensions, notes and graphical; data to move from our 3D model to presentation, permit and final shop drawings. Students will learn to directly measure working angles and scale dimensions directly on their screen, which can then be transferred to the timbers. This course is valuable for all carpenters working in wood - not just heavy timbers. Intersections for conventional lumber roofs can also be determined, and the resulting 3-D model can aid communication between the client, carpenters and other trades.

Time permitting, we'll demonstrate various methods of laying out hip and valley systems using SketchUp, which is perfect for modeling roofs.

Shown here are some examples of what you can do with the advanced presentation tools in SketchUp Pro: Layout.

Tuition: $350 per person, $650 per couple; includes lunch.

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