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Timber Framing

July 23 – 27  
August 20 – 24  

This traditional framing technique is enjoying a healthy revival; the post and beam frame is exposed on the interior and is compatible with large open floor plans. The mortised and tenoned pegged joinery is a joy to make as well as live with, and is stronger than conventional framing. Heartwood has incorporated timber framing in all of its building projects.

In this class we will lay out and cut the joinery for a complete frame, assemble it, and have a good old-fashioned barn-raising. We will be teaching the “square rule” approach, a traditional method that allows one to easily use timbers that are not of consistent dimension or squareness, which is how they will come from a sawmill. Modern production timber framers use planed timbers and expensive machinery that are not readily available to many builders.

We will be using tools and materials that many carpenters already have or that can be found locally for a minimal investment, and will give results of the highest quality. Evening sessions will cover structural principles and techniques for enclosing the frame.

"I had read and studied a lot on timber framing but the workshop put everything together and it all made a lot more sense. I could certainly tell that you love what you're doing and y'all do know how to work with wood. You guys have so much talent, skill and experience it seemed as if the tools were just an extension of your arms and hands." — Pete, Georgia

Raising Day Timber frame Joinery Storey Publications has published Heartwood Director Will Beemer's book on timber framing, Learn to Timber Frame and his editor there is Hannah Fries. Read her blog report of the 2014 course she took here.
Timber frame Joinery Timber frame Raising

Tuition: $800 per person, $1500 per couple; includes lunch.

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