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Carpentry for Women

August 14 – 18  

Carpentry for Women

This course, taught by professional women contractors, is especially designed for women with little or no carpentry experience. Participants will acquire new skills and gain confidence as they learn to use hand and power tools in shop woodworking projects and the construction of a small building.

Carpenters Our goal is to encourage self-sufficiency in home repair and remodeling, and to introduce the fundamentals of housebuilding. Most of the course time is spent in hands-on practice, but classroom discussions and presentations augment the curriculum. We will also look at the experiences of several contemporary women designers and builders, and consider the opportunities, obstacles and resources available to women interested in carpentry as a trade.

"Thank you all, most especially for your warmth, openness and sharing. Women pioneers like you, for the inspiration you give, create a whole new world for others to explore and build on." — Rhodora, New York

"The lessons learned at Heartwood go well beyond the woodworking skills acquired in the shop. I have noticed a new confidence with regard to my ability to manage just about any mechanical/wood situation that I now encounter. Instead of calling in an expert when something goes wrong, I now stop, study the problem at hand and then proceed to work with information I can gather, my brain and my hands. You have given me so much to work with." — Nancy, Buffalo

Tuition: $800 per person, $1500 per couple; includes lunch.

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